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My Support Team
My support team consists of coaches, industry leaders, and athletes who will provide excellent business referrals, as well as points of contact. It takes the support of many people to create success. We all believe that your success is our success!

Why sponsor an athlete?

  • Your choice of Athletes to sponsor
  • We publish your Logo and web URL to bring business back to your website
  • You select the donation level that is best
  • We have multiple channels for marketing your business
  • Tax Deductible donations means your gift comes back to you
  • Our athletes and clients want to buy from companies that support athlete dreams

You can expect the following Sponsor Benefits:

  • Your Logo and Web promotion on GioSports
  • Inclusion in our media advertising
  • Any of Athletes can be invited to public promotions when available
  • GioSports will actively assist staging your promotion sites. (Includes model show, arm wrestling competition, fitness contests)
  • We can display your web URL to direct buyers back to your website
My Winning Philosophy

I believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together.

NOTE: 90% of All Funds, both Individual and sponsor contributions, go to our Athletes! Management 4%; Admin Fee 6%

Let's talk

We would love Athlete and Business Referrals!
Send us the Information on quality Athletes who would benefit from our support! As well, information on civic minded sports companies dedicated to support our future Athletes
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